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Beijing - History & Culture
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Beijing, one of the six ancient capital cities of China still has exquisite architecture, a rich history, and a diverse and colorful culture. This journey will take you to the most popular sites around the city. You will see the magnificent Great Wall; sacred Tiananmmen Square; majestic Forbidden City as well as the verdant gardens of the Summer Palace; Experience a special rickshaw ride through an old Hutong neighborhood to experience the different life styles of venerable Beijing residents. Besides, your trip can also be tailor made by the visits to private collector’s home, artists studio, exclusive visit to the palaces which is not open to the general public in the Fobidden City...etc.




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Private visit to Chonghua Palace in the Forbidden City (not open to the general public)
Great Wall Hiking tour: Simatai – Jinshanling Section, Longquanyu Section and Xiangtun village
Songzhuang Art Community
Songzhuang Village is a community where artists of today have chosen to embrace this lifestyle and focus their passion into producing quality art. For those who make an appointment and/or arrange to visit, you will see these talented artists at work in their home / studio space. You will find many of them eager to share their vision with you if your Chinese is good enough, or through an interpreter.
Yonghe Lamasery (Lama Temple)
Located at the northeastern corner of Beijing City, Yonghe Lamasery, originally built in 1694 in China’s Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911) is reputed to be the largest Tibetan Buddhist temple in the city.
Pan Jia Yuan Antique Market
It also called the “dirt market” or the “weekend market’, the China’s largest and possibly its most entertaining flea market. It is home to over 3000 dealers who scour the countryside in search of antiques, family heirlooms and curios.
Jingshan Park
Jingshan Park offers spectacular views looking down onto the northern gate of the Forbidden City from the hilltop temple inside.
Guozijian and Confucius Temple
It was first built in 1302 and served as an altar where intellectuals from the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties offered their respects to Confucius. Now it has become a museum exhibiting engraved stones, old Chinese doorbells and drums, bronze and jade utensils, paintings and calligraphic works, antique musical instruments and ancient Chinese currencies. Every September, a ritual celebrating Confucius’s birthday takes place here, in which a music and dance ceremony from the Qing dynasty is performed
Ancient Observatory
Beijing Ancient Observatory was first built in 1442 in the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644),and was the national observatory in the Ming and Qing Dynasty. It is about 14 meters high with 8 astronomical instruments made in Qing Dynasty. It has an observation history of nearly 500 years from Ming Dynasty to 1929 A.D, which was a very long time in the world. It is also famous for its intact and integrated instruments.
Guanfu Museum
It’s the first private museum in China owned by Mr. Ma Weidu with a large collection of Chinese classic and antique art, showcasing furniture in Ming and Qing Dynasty, Porcelain & Ceramics, Oil Painting, Arts and crafts etc...


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