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Tibet: Lhasa- Ganden Monestery - Lhasa
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This journey, we explore Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, witnessing a vibrant and lively culture different from any other part of China, visit the Potala Palace and the Jokhang Temple, political and religious symbols reflecting Tibet’s rich and vast traditional culture. Take a full day excursion to the Ganden Monastery, the first Gelugpa (dge lugs pa: one of the four Tibetan Buddhism wings) monastery founded by Master Tsongkhapa himself in 1409...

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Tsedang is the capital of the Shannan Prefecture of Tibet and is situated to the southeast of Lhasa, at the foot of Mount Gongbori, one of Tibet’s holy mountains. Tsedang is a major tourist destination in Tibet with mild climate and rich natural resources. The city is reputed to be The Cradle of Tibetan Civilization for two main reasons: first, the mild weather and fertile land in this region gave birth to the great Tibetan Dynasty. Second, it is the birthplace of the first Tibetans who were said to be the offspring of a saintly monkey and a demoness.
Namucuo Lake       
Located near Damxung, it is the highest saltwater lake in the world and the second largest saltwater lake in China.
Mt. Everest Base Camp   
Lies at the border between China and Nepal, Mt. Everest, also known as Mt. Qomolangma, meaning Mother Goddess of the Universe in Tibetan, is the highest peak in the world.
In Tingri County, the Rongbuk Monastery is an interesting place to visit not for the history or architecture of the monasterybut the scenery of Mt. Everest seen from it. This monastery is the highest inhabitedlocation in the world
Zhangmu Town  
Zhangmu Town has charming natural scenery embraced by wondrous mountains, flexuralrivers, lush pines and flourishing flowers almost all the year round.
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Tibet Travel Tips:

1.       What to wear: Casual clothing and comfortable walking shoes are the must for your trip to Tibet. Make sure to take warm clothing as it is quite chilly and cold during the nights and early morning.

2.       What to take:  Water bottle/ Snacks which you can have in your trip/ Your Personal medical kit   Sunglasses/ Sun screen lotion/ Toilet paper/ Flash light and batteries/ Your day bag-pack/ Camera and films/ Bandana, scarf or mask for keeping your lungs from dust

3.       Altitude sickness:  As you are walking over high land, it is possible for you to feel some of the minor symptoms and discomfort of altitude sickness like headache, loss of appetite etc until your body adjusts to the high terrain. Adjustment of your body to altitude can take from a few hours to some days. It all depends on an individual health condition. Please don’t worry and take as much water as possible. As you know, proper hydration is necessary for acclimatization. We also suggest you to take some diamox tablets.   

4.       Currency and Exchange Rate:  The unit of currency is Yuan ( RMB ). US$1 = 6.8 Yuan ( RMB ). Your money can be exchanged at the Bank of China in Shigatse and Lhasa. Your hotels also can change money for you. All credit cards are accepted at Shigatse and Lhasa.   

5.       Weather & Tourism Seasons in Tibet:  Generally, the Tibetan climate is not as bad as many people think it to be. It is suitable for travel to Tibet from April to November, and the best time for travailing is August and September. But if you only visit Lhasa , you can go there anytime all year round.   Sun radiation is extremely strong in Tibet. May, June and September are the tourism season in east Tibet. Most annual rainfall falls from June to September. Usually rains come in the evening in Lhasa, Shigatse area. Sometimes, the rainfall may block roads and make travel difficult but the views at the time will be the most beautiful.

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